Sometimes you need to start working on a bad idea to later find out what doesn’t work in it so that you can change it up a little to make it a good idea or at the very least learn from your mistakes and avoid them in future products.

Learning from your previous mistakes is what entrepreneurship is all about. You might work on a business plan for months and find out that the idea wasn’t feasible. Here are some ways you can determine that an idea might not be working and thus how you can make it better:

  1. Research

The number one way to know whether or not an idea is bad is to do some research. This can be a questionnaire to random people in the target population of the product or a focus group. You choose what method might be better for your idea in particular. The only thing you need to make sure takes place is that you get an honest opinion from those you are asking the questions from. This way you will know before you launch the project or invest more into it whether it is worth investing time and money in.

  1. Pilot Study

Another way to know whether an idea will be successful or if it will fail is to launch a beta version. This is just launching the idea to a group of people from your target demographic to see whether they like it or not. This will save you a lot of time and money in the future. From this pilot study, you can take notes and evaluate what worked and what did not work by talking to the people in your study. This way you can make the idea into something better; something your target demographic wants!

  1. Ready to Adapt

The next thing you need to be prepared for is to be able to adapt to changes. The world these days is changing at a rapid pace and so are peoples’ choices. Thus a business always needs to be ready to change up their business plan. Good entrepreneurship is all about being able to change up the company’s branding from time to time. Building business over time does not mean you remain stagnant in one place but try to look at ways to evolve your business plan and model.


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